You bring the ideas, we do the rest

Bir Ventures Collaboration

Idea Incubation 

– We take your ideas, validate them, come up with the business models, develop a minimally viable product, make it ready for commercialization, and hand over the keys to you.

Bir Ventures is your corporate entrepreneur, developing innovative products, reducing uncertainty, and minimizing risks.

We help in developing knowledge-based products for our customers, bringing them to the market fast, using agile development methods and lean practices.

Our objectives are very simple: reduce uncertainty and minimize risk for you. We use agile methods to keep the costs and risks under your control.

Our creative team takes concepts from research through development and into launch, always focused on creating a meaningful user experience. We develop a personalized strategy for each client based on their needs and business objectives.

Throughout our process, we collaborate to ensure all design details are carried through to production release. Our compelling design solutions help drive innovation for our clients and connect with end-users for marketplace success.

Bir Ventures has established strategic partnerships with many software and technology development companies. No matter which technology your new product needs, we have resources to bring your ideas to reality.


Our three-staged new product development process is very simple for our customers.

Thimk Execute Launch


During this stage, we interview your key stakeholders to understand your business objectives, your product concepts, and your financial constraints. Based on this knowledge we assess market needs, identify potential customers, define Minimum Viable Product first, build consensus on it, and, then, prepare a product development roadmap. The outcome of this stage is a well defined MVP that is acceptable to most of the stakeholders and a high-level roadmap for your new product.


This is the stage where our team works day and night to develop a minimally viable product. We often divide this phase in three iterations, improving concepts and designs in each iteration.


We take the ownership of product roadmap and develop a fully functional product that is commercially ready. During this stage, we use smaller sprints and faster releases, using velocity of change as a motivational force for the whole team.
This is also the time for us to train your operational staff and integrate the new product into your operational processes.